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The Concerned Craft is my way of understanding the world around me—by which I mean both the aspects of society that I participate in and the planet and resources that I rely upon.

As my craft has developed from cross-stitching, knitting and crocheting to quilting and weaving, one question has consistently appeared in the back of mind: where does all this fiber and fabric come from?

When I go into yarn and fabric stores, I have always been overwhelmed by choice. If you had told me that there are infinite types of yarn and I should never hope to comprehend all of them, I would have believed you. But that’s not true.

Since there is a finite range of yarns, we do actually stand some hope of understanding most of the yarns available in stores. The same holds true for all the fabrics available in stores. And if we can know what they are and where they came from, then we can start to understand how our purchase choices have meaning. And maybe we can stop acting as if they are in infinite supply.

Startled by the consumerism that dominates part of the quilting world—and how I got caught up in that consumerism—I started to ask myself questions. Instead of “When is your next line of fabric coming out?” I want to ask: “Why are there so many people with fabric lines?” and instead of “How big is your stash?” I want to ask: “How safe and kind is your stash—and do you even need a stash?”

Here, I want to share those questions and the answers I’ve found. I’m hoping that you’re here because you want to ask the same questions and perhaps share your answers. I believe we all can learn a lot about our craft, our choices and their impact on our world.

Oh, by the way, my name is Seven Victor.

The Concerned Craft could not happen without the help and support of two very important people.

Derek Victor - HeadshotDerek Victor, is the editor and social media consultant for The Concerned Craft. With over 20 years’ experience as a scientific writer and editor, he has worked with academic clients since the start of his career and with small businesses and corporate clients since 2005. His focus is life sciences but he has also done considerable work for clients working in the chemicals industry. Derek and I co-own a company called Victor Language and Design. Derek is also a fantastic husband.


Frank Richter - Headshot

Frank Richter is the English–German translator for The Concerned Craft. Born near Dresden, Frank now lives in Düsseldorf. His mastery of the English language comes from years of study and practice. He has been working in digital advertising for the past 7 years. If you would like to utilize Frank’s talents, please feel free to contact him here – frank@pulpdogg.com.