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Visa to Canada

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To visit Canada, Russian citizens need a visa and medical policy for the entire duration of the trip. Customs The import and export of foreign and national currency is not limited, when moving cash amounts of 10,000 CAD or more across the border, they should be declared. Duty-free import of 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars […]

Trudeau is the champion of the apology.

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Contrary to the advice of his father. The Toronto Sun newspaper reminds us that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the champion in the number of apologies for the various injustices of the distant past. How sincere is the head of government and how interested is he in attracting the votes of relevant groups of voters, […]

Help home buyers.

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What makes Ottawa. The Trudeau government wants to become a partner of home buyers – new details from the First Time Buyer Incentive Program show this. If you buy a house or apartment for the first time and have incomes below $ 120,000 a year, then Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation can contribute up to […]

Details “Pharmacare.”

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Drug program. The Canadian Liberal Government is preparing to use heavy election artillery: a nationwide drug payment program. That is what the commission appointed by Justin Trudeau’s government recommends in its voluminous conclusion. Of course, all drugs to patients can not be paid by taxpayers. But in the first stage, by the beginning of 2022, […]

Liberals: a third support.

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Liberals: a third support. Disappointment and discontent. Only 32 percent of the participants in the next poll approve of Justin Trudeau’s government and believe that liberals deserve a second term of election. The remaining 68 percent believe that the Liberal government did not cope with the work and should be replaced by the government of […]

Canadian news

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Monetization threat. How to make money on the climate. Hysteria, promoted around the so-called “climate change”, it is easy to use for personal enrichment. One of the leading law firms in Montreal, specializing in class actions, filed a lawsuit against the federal government on behalf of young residents of the province of Quebec. The authors […]