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Monetization threat.

How to make money on the climate. Hysteria, promoted around the so-called “climate change”, it is easy to use for personal enrichment. One of the leading law firms in Montreal, specializing in class actions, filed a lawsuit against the federal government on behalf of young residents of the province of Quebec. The authors of the lawsuit accuse Ottawa of not being sufficiently actively fighting climate change and thereby violating the constitutional rights of the population to “climate security.” Lawyers are seeking $ 100 compensation from the government for all Quebec residents under the age of 35. This age group, according to the authors of the lawsuit, will suffer most from the effects of “climate change.” According to the SVS, the total amount of compensation is estimated at 340 million dollars – and, as usual, in case of victory, the lawyers will receive a substantial percentage of this extraction. As for the rest, then, apparently, they donate their one hundred dollars to the fund to combat climate change.

Russians are asking for Canada.

Ecological refugees. A group of residents of the city of Kiselevsk asked via YouTube to Justin Trudeau with a request to take them to Canada as environmental refugees. Located in the Kemerovo region, the city is bordered by opencast mining, and there is indeed a very difficult environmental situation. The Government of Canada has explained the international rules for asylum, under which the desperate residents of Kiselevsk clearly do not fall. Nevertheless, this initiative is a reminder of the possible and relatively near future, where environmental refugees may become just as widespread as current migrants have become. And, judging by the development of events, the category of environmental refugees may well be added to other categories of persecuted persons who are guaranteed protection and care.

Cocktail tasteful legs.

Club non-sarcastic. A toe-flavored cocktail will now become more affordable. Another enthusiast of a peculiar tradition sent his auditioned fingers to the hotel bar in the famous town of gold miners Dawson. A few decades ago, a cocktail was started here with a mummified toe of a human foot floating in it. To get a diploma indicating membership in the Sourtoe Coctail Club, you need to drink a cocktail so that your finger touches the lips. This feat has already made more than a hundred thousand obscene thrill-seekers. Periodically finger swallow, and then you have to rely on the generosity of the owners of amputated fingers. The next donor was the British, who lost his frostbitten fingers last year during the famous survival competitions in the Yukon.