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Drug program. The Canadian Liberal Government is preparing to use heavy election artillery: a nationwide drug payment program. That is what the commission appointed by Justin Trudeau’s government recommends in its voluminous conclusion. Of course, all drugs to patients can not be paid by taxpayers. But in the first stage, by the beginning of 2022, many widely used drugs can be included in the list of “covered” pharmacare drugs. The program should be finalized in 2027, and at current prices it will cost the taxpayers $ 15 billion annually. However, drugs will be completely free for social welfare recipients and for those with low incomes. The rest will have to pay a nominal amount of a few dollars for “free” drugs. Critics of the liberal plan fear that instead of the promised savings, it will begin to absorb huge budget sums, as happened with “free” public medicine. It would probably be more appropriate to introduce “drug” subsidies for low-income people and for those without workplace insurance.

Resettlement of immigrants.

Will it be possible to unload megacities? Nearly 80 percent of new immigrants settle in Canada’s three main cities – Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. The new initiative of Justin Trudeau’s government is aimed at this problem, the essence of which is the resettlement of immigrants in the cities of the western and northern part of the country. For this experiment, five cities in Ontario were selected – North Bay, Timmins, Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay, as well as Manitoba, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Immigration candidates will be selected directly on site with the assistance of the Federal Ministry of Immigration. Canadian Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen believes that this initiative will help replenish the population and revitalize the economy in places where young people and people of active age are leaving. The first settlers of this program should arrive in 2020.