Liberals: a third support.

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Liberals: a third support.

Disappointment and discontent. Only 32 percent of the participants in the next poll approve of Justin Trudeau’s government and believe that liberals deserve a second term of election. The remaining 68 percent believe that the Liberal government did not cope with the work and should be replaced by the government of the other party. Disappointment and dissatisfaction with Trudeau’s comrades dominate among voters in all provinces, with the exception of Quebec. Even in the traditionally left-wing Ontario and British Columbia, the electorate favors conservatives. 28 percent of respondents have not yet decided which party to vote for, and they can determine the outcome of the elections.

Beijing did not answer Trudeau.

Intractable position. Chinese leaders refused to discuss with Justin Trudeau the fate of Canadian citizens detained in this country. The information received by the SVS news agency indicates that Trudeau tried to contact his Chinese counterpart back in January, but his call was simply ignored. Moreover, shortly afterwards, the sentence imposed on those arrested on drug trafficking charges was revised from life imprisonment to the death penalty. CBC notes that Beijing does not intend to change its uncompromising position until the Chief Financial Officer of Huawei Meng Wanzhou, arrested last December in Vancouver at the request of the United States, is released.

Secret file Trudeau.

Destroyed documents. The current Prime Minister’s father, Pierre Trudeau, was in many ways a mystery. This concerns its political component, its real beliefs and goals, the hidden side of its actions and contacts. Now it will be more difficult to solve this riddle: a secret file that was collected for a long time by Trudeau Sr. was destroyed by Canadian secret services in 1989. This became known only recently. Meanwhile, next year the secrecy on Pierre Trudeau’s files would expire and, one can be sure, these materials would become sensational. By the way, the CBC recalls that the secret services of Canada and the United States have been observing many prominent Canadian politicians.