Trudeau is the champion of the apology.

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Contrary to the advice of his father. The Toronto Sun newspaper reminds us that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the champion in the number of apologies for the various injustices of the distant past.

How sincere is the head of government and how interested is he in attracting the votes of relevant groups of voters, whether they are sex minorities or former students of Indian boarding schools? The answer to this question is known only by the Prime Minister himself, but on this occasion, “San” quotes the words of Pierre Trudeau, the father of the current Prime Minister. When he was once offered to apologize for the mistakes of the past, Trudeau Sr. said: “We cannot apologize for mistakes made not by us and long before us. We can only regret them. Correcting the past cannot be a government task. Our task is to be fair today. ” Of course, any point of view can be challenged.

But it’s no accident that “Sun” offers Justin Trudeau to apologize for his own mistakes – for example, for “repressions” against two women ministers who had to leave the office because of disagreements with the country’s “main feminist” about the principles of legality and justice

Obama promised the Middle Ages.

Visit to Ottawa. Nearly 11,500 people paid for the right to see and hear Barack Obama, speaking in Ottawa.

The former “leader of the free world” noted that the current era is the best of all times in the history of mankind: there are no major wars, education and health care have reached global reach, and people are becoming more and more tolerant. But peace and prosperity are threatened by various threats, among which the ex-president found it necessary to call “populism”.

According to Obama, the separation of people into friends and foes leads to the emergence of “strong leaders” who promise to protect their own from others with all the ensuing consequences. Therefore, the ex-president believes that the next “dark Middle Ages” will precede the new Renaissance. Obama also said it was quite fair that various media outlets project different pictures of the world, so the regular Fox News viewer lives in a completely different reality than the New York Times regular reader..